Abusive +18 names are removed!. is a simple racing game that can be played online. The game starts at the top of a large waterslide. Players will compete with each other to be the first one that reaches to the pool at the end of the waterslide. Tiny characters controlled by the players can also jump below for other waterslides while sliding from the curvy waterslide. The game takes about a minute in case players won't jump to other parts of the slide. The game progresses in rounds and each round is played against real players. The waterslide is randomly determined at the beginning of each round. This prevents players to memorize the details of each waterslide. All of these allow players to succeed according to their skills.

What Is

The gameplay is quite simple. The player will be placed on map together with other players once the nickname is typed at the homepage of the game. The countdown begins once all of the players take their place on the waterslide. All players will start to slide once the countdown ends. Desktop players provide directions with the arrow keys and mobile players provide directions by swiping their finger on the screen. Providing directions to the character depending on the slope of the waterslide will boost the speed two to three times. Also, overuse of the same direction may cause the character to fall from the waterslide. This is also required to reach the other waterslides below. This can be some kind of innocent cheat to pass your opponents. Players who jump on the wrong time will fall into the sea at the bottom of the map and be eliminated.

As you can play game on desktop, you can also play it through Google Play and App Store. Also, players can download SDK to install the game on their Android phones. Thus, you can play fun rounds on unofficial servers.